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Constitution of the Defend The Whittington Hospital Coalition

This is the DWHC constitution under which the coalition has operated since its inception –

Name: Defend The Whittington Hospital Coalition

* Membership: Open to all individuals living or working in the affected boroughs, and all concerned organisations.

* Aims: To prevent the run down, closure or privatisation of A&E or any other key services at the Whittington, or at any other North London hospitals.

* Methods: The coalition will be inclusive, independent and non-sectarian – promoting communication, co-ordination and solidarity among all those concerned

* Tactics: The coalition will encourage and support a wide range of tactics and initiatives towards achieving the long term aim.

* Organisation: Joint chairs, joint secretaries (responsible for minutes and membership) and treasurer to be elected; other posts to be co-opted and sub-groups set up as needed – all accountable to the general meetings.

* Meetings: general meetings to be held regularly; will be chaired and minuted (to be circulated); atmosphere of respect; friendly but efficient; focused on practical activities towards achieving the aim; open to all; decisions by consensus where possible (voting if necessary), with particular acknowledgement to be given to the views of staff and patients’ organisations.

* Mandate: Only those mandated by a general meeting to do so can speak on behalf of the coalition, as mandated.

* Contacts: Secretaries to maintain membership and contacts lists for use of the coalition only.

* Communication: An updates/announcements e-list to be set up which anyone can subscribe to. All supporting organisations urged to cascade the coalition updates to their own members. Efforts will be made to provide updates to those with no email.

* Co-ordination: An internal co-ordination e-list to be set up to which those actively involved can be added.

* Affiliations: All organisations agreeing with the aims are urged to affiliate (by informing an elected officer).

* Finances: All money raised will be used for the achievement of the aims. Records will be maintained and made available to a general meeting on request. Affiliated organisations will be asked to donate £10 for up to 50 members, £50 for 50-500 members, and £100 for over 500 members. Individuals free, but donations welcome. Fundraising efforts encouraged.

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