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Minutes 3 February 2014

April 7th, 2014 No comments



Planning meeting

Monday 7th April at Archway Methodist Hall. 700 pm


  1. Introductions and apologies
  2. Minutes from meeting of 3rd February and matters arising
  3. Update – incl CEO Dr Koh’s resignation
  4. Proposed meeting with Simon Pleydell, interim CEO
  5. Reports from other campaigns – Peoples Inquiry, Islington KONP, London KONP, Ealing Hospital workers success,
  6. Future activities Peoples Parliament at Parliament on 29th April, next Board Meeting 7th May 2014 2 – 5pm, Whittington Education Centre (WEC), Room 7
  7. AOB
  8. Date of Next Meeting – Monday 5th (May Day bank hol) / 12th May?





Planning Meeting Minutes

Monday 3rd February 2014   7.00-9.00 pm

at Archway Methodist Hall, N19

  1. Welcome and apologies
  2. Minutes of Meeting of 02.12.2013  There were no items for discussion that were not on the agenda
  3. Update – lobby of board, staff issues, news
  1. Apologies were received from Jeremy Corbyn, Steve Cook, Gary Heather, Valerie Lipman, Alice Kilroy

The successful lobby of the Board was discussed. We had a great turnout of 50 people, including the Occupy group from Barnet and people from Islington KONP and 38 Degrees. We forced Hitchins into being very defensive and having to answer our questions about privatisation and cuts. While he denied making cuts he also talked about the need to make economies. And while denying an interest in privatisation he also said it could be good for our Hospital.

Hospital staff had reported proposed cuts at the hospital . We will watch this space. Union still concerned about medical secretaries. Planning a demonstration outside the hospital on 15th February.  There  is still a culture of bullying at the hospital , from the top, Steve Hitchins, down. Also concern about downgrading of staff . Many are having to re-apply for their jobs.

The £20 billion NHS cuts, started by the Labour Government are having a disastrous impact. The Whittington budget remains at about £275 million, with no increases, over the past three years.

There was a discussion about the need to apply for Foundation Trust status under the current legal requirements of the Health and Social Care Act. We remain opposed to Foundation Trusts, and are not concerned who eventually runs our hospital as long as it has the essential services for our health needs. It was suggested that we have an American to speak at a future meeting about how that system works, as we seem to be heading that way here. It was also suggested that we collect hospital horror stories from patients who have had refused or delayed or had long waiting times.

  1. Public Meeting on 3rd March  – speakers, building the meeting, organisation for the night. Concern was expressed that not all speakers from other campaigns had confirmed attendance. Steve Hitchins was also prevaricating about whether or not he would attend. It was conformed that he should not see a small group of us in advance as he has requested as we want him to talk to us publicly. We are concerned that he can try to be manipulative.

There was an extensive discussion about disability access at the Archway Church Hall. Shirley had been reassured that the stair lift was operating would arrange for carers to asist any who needed it onto and off the chair lift. We would have a spare wheelchair at the top. It was decided that we had made the best possible, but not ideal, arrangements for access.

Shirley emphasised the importance of building for the meeting. 5,000 leaflets were available at the meeting and participants said they would leaflet their areas, shops, near the Hospital and MG said he would take some to the Trades Council meeting. TM said he would update the website and encouraged people to use it regularly.

Tim said that he would help if we had a raffle and on the stall.  We also stressed the importance of stewarding and assisting any disabled people who may want support.

  1. Next Board Meeting  5th Feb, then 5th March – 1st Wed in month. We decided that we would not attend every Board meeting, but that it would be helpful if people wanted to go and if they could feedback to us.
  2. N London People Assembly 4th March at St Melitus Church, Tollington Park. Notice was given about this meeting. We had not been asked to speak at it.
  3. Putting on an NHS Play Shirley had been contacted by someone interested in putting on a play about exploitation and privatisation in the NHS. We await further details.
  4. AOB

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