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Have you written to your MP, prospective parliamentary candidates or the Minister for Health yet?  Sarah Hall and Kathleen Greaves, as part of the DWHC lobbying group, are co-ordinating our letter writing campaign, having already contacted local schools, voluntary groups and churches, and have written a couple of standard letters for you to use.



MPs and Candidates

emilythornberrymp@parliament.uk Emily Thornbury Islington S – Lab
antonia@islingtonconservatives.com Antonia Cox Islington S – Con
bridget@bridgetfox.org.com Bridget Fox Islington S – Lib Dem
adrian@islingtonconservatives.com Adrian Berrill Cox Islington N – Con
Rhodri.jb@googlemail.com Rhodri Jameson-Ball Islington N – LD
corbynj@parliament.uk Jeremy Corbyn Islington N – Lab
mail@davidlammy.co.uk David Lammy Tottenham – Lab
info@davidschmitz.org.uk David Schmitz Tottenham – Lib Dem
ssullivan@epsom-ewell.gov.uk Sean Sullivan Tottenham – Con
meghilliermp@parliament.uk Meg Hillier Hackney S – Lab
simon@hackneyconservatives.com Simon Nayyar Hackney S – Con
scottsl@parliament.uk Diane Abbott Hackney – Lab
keith@keithangus.com Keith Angus Hackney – Lib Dem
darren@hackneyconservatives.com Darren Caplin Hackney – Con
beatrixcampbell@yahoo.com Beatrix Campbell Hampstead – Green
edfordham@cix.co.uk Edward Fordham Hampstead –LibDem
jacksong@parliament.uk Glenda Jackson Hampstead – Lab
philp_chris@hotmail.com Chris Philip Hampstead – Con
natalieben@gmail.com Natalie Bennett Holborn – Green
glee100@hotmail.com George Lee Holborn – Con
joannashaw2001@hotmail.com Joanna Shaw Holborn – LibDem
lynne@lynnefeatherstone.org Lynne Featherstone Hornsey – LibDem
karen@karenjennings.org Karen Jennings Hornsey – Lab
richard.merrin@btinternet.com Richard Merrin Hornsey – Con


You can find out more about your MP if you pop your post code in to theyworkforyou.com The site gives you their voting record, speeches etc. All very useful information in the run up to an election.

If you do write a letter to your MP, candidates and/or the Minister for Health please let us know at defendwhittington@googlemail.com.

The DWHC lobbying group  is connecting directly with the decision makers. Why don’t you join them?

In the time it takes you to answer that question you could have sent an email to your MP.

Get to it!

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