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Below are some links to articles and letters in the national press.

The Guardian 30-Jan-2013
We must act now if the NHS is to be saved

BBC News, 29-Jan-2013
Whittington Hospital: ‘Shock’ over site cut plans

The Evening Standard 28-Jan-2013
Whittington hospital plans cap on births to save cash

The Guardian 24-Jan-2013
NHS chief: stop playing politics with closures

The Evening Standard 24-Feb-2012

The Daily Mirror 09-Feb-2012

The Daily Mirror 21-May-2011 NHS listening exercise exposed as a sham

Daily Mail, 10-May-2011 The party message was: ‘Tell the Lib Dems to get stuffed, Prime Minister’

BBC News Online 9-may-2011 Government fights off Labour challenge to NHS plans

House of Commons Publications 27-Apr-2011
The Public Accounts Committee of the House of Commons has just published a report, which highlights a huge number of uncertainties regarding the government’s NHS reforms.
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The Guardian 18-Apr-2011 Open letter from the Federation of Surgical Specialty Associations

The Guardian 12-Apr-2011 NHS funding pressures hitting frontline, says A&E chief

The Guardian 12-Apr-2011 A&E chief delivers his verdict on ‘fragile’ frontline services

BBC News, 12-Apr-2011 NHS savings: London Ambulance Service to cut 890 jobs

BBC News, 12-Apr-2011Portsmouth hospital NHS cash ‘destined for tax haven’

The Independent, 13-Apr-2011 Nurses accuse Lansley of ducking out of facing them

The Daily Telegraph, 12-Apr-2011
Patients are denied high cost drugs by NHS trusts

Daily Mirror, 11-Apr-2011 Patients face prescription “stealth tax” as doctors ration drugs

The Independent, 11-Apr-2011 20,000 doctors and nurses to be cut as NHS feels the pain

The Independent, 11-Apr-2011 20,000 doctors and nurses to be cut as NHS feels the pain

The Guardian, 06-Mar-2011 NHS shakeup risks return to 1930s, warns leading doctor

The Telegraph, 03-Mar-2011 Patients at risk as health trusts trim out-of-hours care

The Guardian, 21-Feb-2011 NHS turmoil is just the start of Tory ideology run wild

The Telegraph, 19-Feb-2011 Ed Miliband: protests over NHS cuts will dwarf outrage over forests

BBC News, 03-Feb-2011 Barts and The London NHS Trust to cut 635 jobs

The Guardian, 30-Dec-2010 To avoid NHS privatisation, Lansley must change course

The Telegraph, 17-Dec-2010 Patients denied treatment as NHS makes cutbacks, Telegraph can disclose

Pulse, 08-Dec-2010 Pioneering pathfinder consortium signs referral management deal with UnitedHealth UK”

Daily Mail, 02-Dec-2010 Scandal that shames Britain: Join our campaign to end appalling treatment of the elderly on NHS wards as complaints reach record high

The Telegraph, 28-Nov-2010 Can you afford private medical insurance?

The Telegraph, 20-Nov-2010 Senior doctor attacks NHS reforms

The Guardian, 19-Nov-2010 Opponent of NHS reform driven by grim memories of 60s

The Guardian, 19-Nov-2010 Doctors warned to expect unrest over NHS reforms

The Guardian, 19-Nov-2010 NHS fares best on free access to healthcare

The Daily Mail, 19-Nov-2010 Now you’ll have to ring a call centre to see your GP: Receptionists face axe in plan to automate doctors’ appointments

The Guardian, 18-Nov-2010 Mutual decision: better healthcare or the end of the NHS?

The Guardian, 04-Nov-2010 Nobbling Nice will lead to a new NHS postcode lottery

The Guardian, 28-Oct-2010 A spotlight on the NHS revolution

The Guardian, 26-Oct-2010 How local government cuts will damage the NHS

The Daily Mail, 25-Oct-2010 Anger as number of patients waiting more than six weeks for crucial cancer tests doubles

The Guardian 24-Oct-2010 NHS white paper proposals backed by only one in four doctors

The Telegraph, 23-Oct-2010 Spending Review 2010: NHS faces bed-blocking crisis

The Independent, 18-Oct-2010 NHS slashes thousands of jobs – despite pledge to protect it from cuts

BBC News, 07-Oct-2010 GPs ‘uncertain if NHS shake-up will benefit patients’

The Guardian 05-Oct-2010 Health secretary defends NHS reforms as criticism grows

Daily Mirror, 02-Oct-2010 NHS reforms branded potentially dangerous by experts

The Guardian 01-Oct-2010 NHS reform is a ‘slash-and-burn approach’, says doctors’ union

The Independent 01-Oct-2010 BMA warns against ‘slash and burn’ health reforms

BBC News 01-Oct-2010 NHS reform plans will strengthen NHS, says government

Red Pepper, 30-Sep-2010 Vital resistance

The Guardian 27-Aug-2010 NHS Direct to be replaced by cut-price health advice service

The Guardian 24-Aug-2010 Unison goes to court to block planned NHS shake-up

Hospital Doctor 10-Aug-2010 NHS service reconfigurations surge expected

Health Insider 9-Aug-2010 Unison may challenge white paper process

The Mirror, 3-Aug-2010 Longer wait if private operations are on NHS

The Guardian 3-Aug-2010 Letter from DWHC

The Guardian 31-Jul-2010 conservatives-accused-over-hospitals-policy

The Mirror, 31-Jul-2010 Nick Clegg’s always wanted to destroy NHS says Andy Burnham

The Sunday Telegraph 25-Jul-2010 Axe-falls-on-NHS-services

The Lancet 24-Jul-2010 Mr Lansley: please tell us the truth

The Observer 18-Jul-2010 NHS reforms: Is Andrew Lansley’s brutal surgery really needed?

The Daily Telegraph 17-Jul-2010 NHS reforms will cost £3bn and will not work: academic

The New Statesman 15-Jul-2010 Leader: Yet more top-down prescriptions for the NHS

The Guardian 14-Jul-2010 NHS shakeup: a conspiracy to privatise?

The Guardian 14-Jul-2010 the-end-of-the-nhs-in-all-but-name

The Guardian 13-Jul-2010 michael-white-nhs-andrew-lansley

The Guardian 13-Jul-2010 national-health-service-nhs-editorial

The New Statesman 13-Jul-2010 Lansley’s NHS reforms will undermine fairness

The Guardian 12-Jul-2010 radical-nhs-reform-plans

The Guardian 12-Jul-2010 nhs-private-companies-gps-funds

The Guardian 12-Jul-2010 nhs-health-reform-andrew-lansley

The Union 12-Jul-2010
NHS white paper is an ‘untested, expensive Trojan Horse’ for more privatisation, says Unite

The Guardian 17-Jun-2010 Letter from DWHC

The Economist, 18-Mar-2010: A tale of two constituencies

The Guardian, 9-Mar-2010: Maternity services and NHS cash crisis

Socialist Worker, 27-Feb-2010: Thousands march to save Whittington hospital

The Guardian, 29-Jan-2010: Hands Off Our A&E

Please also see page 6 of Private Eye, Issue 1267. In the “HP Sauce” column there is a prominent article that begins “Health Secretary Andrew Lansley’s restructuring of the NHS will delight the private healthcare companies, many owned by private equity firms that have generously donated to the Tories in recent past.”

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