DWHC meeting 18 September 2018 minutes

November 15th, 2018

Minutes of DWHC Planning Meeting, 18th September 2018

6.30-8.00pm, at Archway Methodist Hall
1. Present: Jem (chair) Shirley F, Steve C, Martin F, Rosie, Phil,
Apologies: Gary H, Tricia, Valerie L, Alice, Linda C
2. Minutes of last meeting: Agreed
3. Matters arising Steve reported that the film showing of The Great NHS Heist with Dr Bob
Gill, a GP, focussed on the dire impacts of prvatisation. He will be doing several showings of
the film and is highly recommneded.
4. Update –
Meeting with Jonathan Gardner, Director of Strategy and Communication at
Whittington Health with Shirley and Valerie. Most of the meeting was spent outlining the
purpose of the meetings. We only had time for a very short discussion about the Estate
Strategy. We were told that "architects" (we think he meant planners) were being procured
for the process. We reiterated our opposition to the CCG proposals to relocate St Pancras
Mental Heath where the current Staff quarters and Education Blocks are. Both facilities
should be retained on site. We also think the St Pancras should be done up and retained for
mental health and that Moorfileds should not be sold off, and the services moved to St

We are hoping that our future meetings will cover more about the Estate Strategy, about the
Haringey Islington Partnership and the SEP as well as issues at the hospital, such as
staffing, bullying, staff morale, A and E, etc.
Ryhurst/ Rydon Campain We agreed to hold a protest if there is a court case regarding the
breaking off of the procurement with Rydon. If there was an out -of-court settlement we
would protest outside the Hospital with our placards.
Forthcoming AGM on 26th September. Phil said that he would try to attend.
We again expressed concern about the secrecy of the Board and the Boards lack of
transparency. Minutes from the private Board Meetings where more significant issues are
discussed are not available to the public…
5. Finances
Martin F was going to the Islington National Education Union meeting to ask for £250.
We want to extend this financial support from other local trade unions
5. Discussion on future activities
i) We continue to meet with Management of the Hospital, if information is more forthcoming.
ii) We will monitor the Estate Strategy developments in terms of proposals for private
provision, cuts in care and selloffs
iii) Monitor the interests of Board members
iv Investigate and monitor privatisation at the hospital – eg Sodexho, IT services, etc
Date of Next Planning Meeting Tuesday 30th October
Shirley 28.09.2018

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