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North Central London NHS Strategy Plan 2010 – 2014

Submitted by Dave Morris of Defend Haringey’s Health Services Coaltion; NHS NCL Strategy Plan distributed by Lynne Featherstone MP.

We now have the NHS official proposals for North Central London area. The key pages are pages 79-82 with the ‘7 scenarios’.

Its clearly an attack on the services at all North London’s hospitals, and we have to stick together and resist any ‘divide and rule’ tactics.

All of the scenarios seem to downgrade most of the Hospitals with only one scenario maintaining any of the 6 hospitals as a District General Hospital (Scenario 1 – for Barnet and North Middx).

Re: Whittington specifically:

– All ‘scenarios’ include an ‘Urgent Care Centre’.

– 3 scenarios include full A&E retained, 2 scenarios retain just 16hrs A&E, 2 scenarios have no A&E.

It needs checking carefully… but the battle is well and truly on.

North Central London NHS Strategy Plan 2010 – 2014: Options document

– by Rachel Tyndall, NHS North Central London

Click here to download (.pdf, 2.27 mb)

  1. July 25th, 2010 at 13:25 | #1

    Having read the NCL 2010-2014 Forward Planning Strategy Document I am unimpressed.Health inequalities arise out of poverty and deprivation not out of unplanned ‘access to healthcare pathways’.Polysystems are aimed at saving money,not saving lives.Faciities need to be improved,not abolished.’Conveyor Belt Medicine’is an alarming prospect.It exists already in mental health in the form of ‘recovery centres’instead of day hospitals and patients have reswponded with huge anger.To repudiate tne NCL’s Strategy document I would need to write a counter-thesis of equal length e.g.71 pages!After 35 years as a carer with a long term interest in the philosophy of science and psychoanalysis my intuition is that the Coalition needs to take to the streets.If NCL is allowed to go ahead there will be a public health disaster on an unprecented scale.The country is in a state of turmoil and fears of NCL’ “stocktaking” are well founded-asset stripping would be a more appropriate term.

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