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Planning meeting 08-04-2013

DWHC Planning Meeting

7.00 pm Monday 8th April 2013

Archway Methodist Hall, Archway Close

1] Intros & welcome by the Chair

2] Apols: JL, GH, RM, AS, PZ, JC, TS, ET, RW, DK, V, BF, MG (for lateness), MS, LF

3] Mins of  Mtg on 25.03.13 Agreed

4] Matters Arising: including Chair’s Up-date Time-&-Motion Study exercises still on-going @ Whittington. Shirley contacted Deborah Goodhart  (Bd of Directors) to request their Powerpoint presentation – informed there weren’t any. Bd of Ds still juggling with figures for no. of beds/staff, etc. Bd has “Patient Pathway Co-ordinators” instead of dealing with Med. Secs’ jobs. Bd is “Transforming the Patient Experience”.  Some patients sent home too early – care by private agencies staff – lower paid & no NHS contract.

Foundation Trust (F.T) applic. Turned down (on what grds?)They’ll re-submit (round June?) [all hosps must become F.Ts by 2014 says Gvt]. If turned down again, Whitt cld come under mgt by another Foundt’n Trust (F.T) Our campaign’s view re gvt of Whitt. discussed. Agreed  – there are a range of views. But all activists all agreed on need for a functioning hospital with A&E, Maternity, academic and full range of other depts. And need for democratic consultation N.B Even the Hosp. Governors were not forewarned of “Estates Strategy”! [the huge cuts & sell-off]

March Bd of Ds Mtg attended by dwhc activists. Still no agt by Bd of Ds to withdraw their plan.

5] Future Activities May 18th All Hospitals London Demo –assemble Jubilee Gdns (cards available) Cat mask also available at Whittington Ctty Centre, Yerbury Rd, N19

6] Day of Action  24th April Photos of all activities – please send to dwhc! Chair asked attenders of their planned activities at work and elsewhere. Let us know your plans

GP surgeries a.m. include: Dr Battle’s surgery: Shirley et al.

St John’s Way, N19: Jan et al  9.30-10.30am

Caversham: Margaret Scott et al. (Margaret can do signing for dwhc)

2 GP surgeries, Stroud Grn Rd: Steve & Rosie

Let us know which surgery you want to leaflet

Leafletting schools/colls/universities Belmont Sch + adjacent High Sch Lynn F

London Met Univ. Hilary  – lfletting in advance of 24th

Strolling Singers: Neil and L  Meet Lauderdale House café just after  12 on 24th Apr

Medical students @ Highgate Wing ?

TUs/Wkplaces Mick & Gary  mgilgunnross@yahoo.co.uk gheather@cwu.org

Particular Rds/places Holly Rd. – Saskia

Help with publicity Tony

Hunt for Hunt Susan P (date?)

Others volunteered to attend Bd of Dirs’ “Discussion Mtgs”

7] Need to find another venue for resources other than Yerbury Rd  Where?

8] Stalls at Nags Head Saturdays  13th Apr,  20th Apr   volunteers?

Finsbury Pk. Tube  19th Apr      Other venues? Send yours in

For times/venues of leafletting see website All volunteers are welcome

9] Spokespeople so far: Shirley, Steve, Jan

10] Next Meeting: Monday 22nd April 2013

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