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Planning meeting 22-04-2013

Planning Meeting

Minutes 22nd April 2013

Place: Archway Methodist Church

Time: 19:00 – 21.00

Chair: Shirley Franklin

Minutes: Mike Hart

Apologies: RM, VL, DK, DE, DN, TM

1)      Shirley reported having received an email from Joe Liddane.  He would like a meeting with us.  We need some questions for the Board of Directors.  She further reported that two key people had left the Whittington, one of whom is thought to have brought in Unipart. Unipart is encouraging the Hospital itself as‘the hospital at home’ (ie care in the community).  There is to be a new Head of Communications.

2)      A discussion ensued about what is to happen to the land to be sold off by the trust.  It was noted that the Whittington had increased its tariff in order to reduce the number of patients (and thereby justify closures).  It was pointed out that the hospital will not be able to do ‘care in the community’ if they keep (as they are doing) laying off nurses.  Home care takes up more nurses’ time, not less

3)      A number of questions for the Board of the Whittington were raised and documented.  These have been circulated.

4)      A number of activities for the ‘Day of Action’ were discussed, including leafleting  St. John’s Way Surgery, St. Anne’s Hospital, Laurels Surgery, Broadwater Farm, Stroud Green Primary, Goodinge Health Centre, London Met Uni  a number of pharmacies and of course the Whittington itself.

5)      Some discussion ensued over leafleting Islington 6th Form College with some members suggesting that young people were not interested in the NHS.  The NUS had, it was pointed out, run a campaign against ATOS. It was still felt that someone should leaflet City & Islington College and contact the NUS and Medsin (http://www.medsin.org/ if you want to know more).  It was suggested that we try to engage young people more in our campaign, developing an awraeness of the NHS and threats to it.

6)      Speakers for the day of action included: Natalie Bennett, National Leader of the Green Party, Dot Gibson (National Pensioner’s Convention) Jane Shalice (Stop the War) Jan Pollock, Frank Wood (Unite), Emily Thornberry (MP)

7)      An article in the Islington Tribune showing that Andrew Mitchell (Plebgate) has shares in ‘DictateIt’ used by the Whittington (resulting in job losses).  His wife Dr Bennett is on the CCG and influential with the hospital.  The GGC has also approved the Whittington’s closure plans.  (Do I hear the sound of backs being scratched?)

8)      Notices

Enfield Alliance Against Cuts.  8th May ‘Spirit of ‘45’ 7pm West Green Learning Centre N17

9)      Next Meeting The next meeting was scheduled for 6th May.  This meeting will be an admin meeting .

The meeting closed.

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