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Minutes 2 June

DWHC Minutes 2nd June 2014


Place: Archway Methodist Church 19.00 – 20.50


Chair: Shirley Franklin   Minutes: Valerie Lipman


1. Introductions and apologies

Shirley welcomed everyone to the meeting. Fourteen people attended. Apologies received from Jem.


2. Minutes and matters arising

Previous minutes were approved and signed as a correct record. There were no matters arising that were not already on the agenda.


3. Update on Whittington Health

i) Report back on meeting with interim CEO of the Whittington Hospital.

Tony and Valerie. reported back on the meeting (held 8 May) with Simon Pleydell, interim CEO and Caroline Thomsett Director of Communications Shirley had been unable to attend. Major point was about building trust between the hospital and the community and the best way to do this, following the fiasco of the Board’s 2013 strategy for cuts and its total lack of consultation with the community. The CEO stated he wished to be as open as possible, said there were no plans to change the revised strategy that had been agreed summer 2013, there was no risk of merger with another London hospital (especially because of the length of time it takes to work).


One of the people present at this Planning meeting said she’d read in the local paper of possible cuts to the Whittington’s cancer and cardiac services, with their removal to other hospitals with those specialisms. Others talked of growing privatisation at the hospital and the union’s fight to protect TUPE staff.


The meeting agreed that it would develop a manifesto with the community under a banner of ‘no cuts, no privatisation’. The meeting agreed that it would not take part in discussions about how to consult with the community until it had some cast iron information from the Board about staffing levels. This was to demonstrate that the Board was willing to share real information with the DWHC in the spirit of openness and building trust with the DWHC. Members at the meeting expressed the view that they didn’t want to be party to just helping the Board ‘s application for Foundation status, by being seen to have been consulted.


Agreed actions

  • DWHC will run consultation with the community to find out what it wants from the Whittington Hospital to incorporate into a manifesto, culminating in public meeting in September
  • Shirley to kick-start consultation by sending email to all on DWHC mailing list
  • Inform Tom Foot about the consultation and manifesto, to encourage input
  • Arrange article for the Ham & High
  • Shirley to write to Simon Pleydell informing him of Planning group decisions
  • DWHC members to write to Tribune to get it to improve its circulation


ii) Agreed to organised a performance of Max Stafford-Clark’s play ‘This may hurt a bit’ about the Whittington Hospital, which the Chair of the Whittington had prevented from being performed in the hospital, on grounds of it being political. Kate agreed to contact Max Stafford to find possible dates and cost.


iii) Integrated care – Valerie has just joined the Integrated Care Planning Board as the community representative. This is an advisory not a decision-making body. Views and comments about integrated care can be fed to Valerie to feed into the Board. Next meeting is 18 July.


4. Future Activities/other campaigns

  • DWHC agreed to join UNISON’s rally outside the hospital on June 5 in support of Unison’s Day of Action against wage cuts. Take banner along.
  • Whittington Hospital Board meeting on 4th June 2-5.
  • A list of activities was attached to the agenda
  • Anti-austerity march 21st June. Organised by the People’s Assembly. DWHC will organise a group with banner to join the march
  • Demonstration on 5th June against closure of St Anns Hospital


5. Occupy Resolution

Held over till next meeting, when a representative from Occupy can put the motion to the meeting.


6. AOB


The meeting closed at 8.50


The next meeting will be held 7 July, 7 -9pm at Archway Methodist Centre

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