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Minutes 7 April

Planning Meeting MinutesMonday 7th April 2014   7.00-9.00 pm

Archway Methodist Hall, N19

  1. Welcome and apologies. Apologies received from Jeremy Corbyn, Steve Cook, Mick Gilgunn, Gary Heather, Alice Kilroy, Valerie Lipman.
  2. Minutes of Meeting of 03.02.2014 There were no items for discussion that were not on the agenda.
  3. Update – public meeting, news.

It was noted that Gill George spoke very well at the recent Public Meeting, which was attended by Steve Hitchins, who refused to confirm his attendance until the final hour. Disquiet was expressed about his speech, in particular his claim that the Whittington Hospital is not a District General Hospital (DGH), and failure to answer questions adequately or provide any information of cuts to services and staff planned at the hospital. Ed and Shosh reiterated that detailed information about the hospital is badly needed. SF emphasized that the Whittington should be telling the local community what their plans are.

Proposed meeting – SF discussed the proposed meeting with management at the Whittington, and confirmed the plan to take a list of questions that management should answer, which follow on from the public meeting.

The report from the People’s Inquiry has been published, and people encouraged to study the recommendations within it.

Islington KONP – 10% of London CCG’s have let private contracts

Islington Patients Group – proposed a working contact with DWHC

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