November 15th, 2018

From Miriam E David

Dear All

I have just had a necessary or more than necessary right hip replacement operation at the Whittington. I want you to know that everything was excellent- first the prior process and especially what they called the Joint School – a talk about Thorogood ward from the nurses, the physios and the pharmacist.
Secondly the treatment both before and after the operation- the staff who visited me before the operation and then both doctors and nurses afterwards. I stayed in for 3 nights after the operation and found everyone so professional, kind and supportive. It was a wonderful experience and much better than 10 years ago when I had my left hip operated on at the Orthopedic hospital in Stanmore. I was there a week and it was too long and cold. Albeit I had a general anaesthetic then and now just a spinal plus a sedative.
I hope my comments will help your campaign
Miriam E David professor emerita UCL IOE

from Jim Nichol

So Shirley you are my life saver.I had
a heart attack three weeks ago followed by a triple heart by
pass.I was at my daughter’s with Margaret and managed to get
to the Whittington in 20minutes.I kept thinking about your
(and others) campaign to keep the place open.Although I have
had serious attack the good news is that my heart muscle is
not so damaged. That’s because the time to get to the
Whittington was short.Time is the most important factor.The
doctor said to me that 50% do not make it to the hospital.I
dread to think of what might have happened if the
Whittington had closed.
I live to fight another day.
Jim xx
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