Minutes 2010-2012

January 7th, 2014

Meetings are open to the public and they are normally held in the vicinity of Whittington Park.

2nd Jul 2012: minutes_20120702

11th Jun 2012: minutes_20120611

6th Sep 2011: minutes_20110906

23rd May 2011: minutes_20110523

7th Mar 2011: minutes_20110307

10th Jan 2011: minutes_20110110

6th Dec 2010: minutes_20101206

25th Oct 2010: minutes_20101025

20th Sep 2010: minutes_20100920

6th Sep 2010: minutes_20100906

19th Jul 2010: minutes_20100719

5th Jul 2010: minutes_20100705

21st Jun 2010: minutes_20100621

7th Jun 2010: minutes_20100607

24th May 2010: minutes_20100524

10th May 2010: minutes_20100510

26th April 2010: minutes_20100426

12th April 2010: minutes_20100412

Campaign Meeting 22nd March 2010: DWHC_campaign_meeting_20100322

22nd February 2010: DWHC meeting 20100222 action points

21st January 2010: minutes_20100121

7th January 2010: minutes_20100107

14th December 2009: minutes_20091214


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