Minutes of DWHC Meeting 7th Jun 2010

1. Present

Shirley Franklin, Rich Moth, Ian Shacklock, Jem Lindon


Emma Dixon, Martin Klute, Jeremy Corbyn, Mick Gilgunn, Gary Heather

3.Mins of last Mtg

(24th May). 12 people attended last mtg. It began with a useful & informative update on post-election changes. Discussed future events and change of focus of the coalition in the medium term.

4.Updates re Whittington and local NHS matters

· Islington Defend Public Services meeting on 10th June. The meeting discussed key points for Rich to raise at the anti-cuts meeting (10th June) and agreed to distribute leaflets outside Highbury & Islington station, 8am to 9am, 9th June. Ian to collect leaflets from Mick Gilgunn. Rich to notify hospital workers about this meeting. · Budget Day Protest. DWHC to stage a protest outside Whittington Hospital, 22nd June, 12 noon to 1pm, then adjourn to Parliament Square approx 2pm. Shirley to produce a leaflet (4,000 copies) to promote this event (with caption ”Don’t Make a Casualty of Our NHS”). Shirley to notify local press. · National Demo against privatisation of Hinchingbrooke NHS Hospital, Huntington (10th July). Ian to get quotes for a 30-seater coach, to Huntington. Ian to ask Candy for further information about this event. · Jacky Drury (Head of Islington Mental Health services) will speak at DWHC meeting on 21st June. Note – a further 28 beds are being lost at St Luke’s Mental Health Unit. · Cuts in Hospital Treatment. 5 boroughs are to cut back on 25 treatments. This issue merits a public meeting, possibly on 5th July. Lynn Featherstone and Jeremy Corbyn to be invited to speak. · DAYMER Reception on 17th June, 5:30pm, to launch their Festival. Shirley and Jem to attend. · Shirley has received a reply from Andrew Lansley, Health Secretary. · Still no feedback from the many GPs that had been contacted by post.

5.Treasurer’s Report

Still have plenty of badges available for sale; any proceeds from badge sales should be sent to the Treasurer.

6. DWHC Website

This is becoming out of date and the e-mail list needs attention. Ian and Shirley to review and decide what actions required.

7.Future events

  • 10th June. Anti Cuts meeting (Defend Public Services)
  • 12th June. KONP AGM. (Keep Our National Health Public)
  • 17th June. DAYMER Reception. ·
  • 21st June. Next DWHC meeting. (Jacky Drury expected to attend) ·
  • 22nd June. Budget Day in Parliament. Day of Protest. ·
  • 4th July. DAYMER event in Clissold Park. ·
  • 5th July. DWHC meeting. Maybe a public one, with Martin Klute, Jeremy Corbyn, Lynn Featherstone
  • 10th July. National demo at Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Huntington.
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