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Minutes of DWHC Meeting 6th September 2010

1. Present

Shirley Franklin, Ian Shacklock, Jem Lindon, Robert McGibbon, Rich Moth, Dave Emmett, Peter Lorimer, Anne Gray, Tony Baker

2. Apologies

Jeremy Corbyn, Mick Gilgunn, J.C, Becky Wright, Tan Parsons, Katy Gold

3. Mins of last Meeting

(19th July). 9 people attended last meeting. Main theme was the Government White Paper (with guest speaker Gill George)

4. Activity since last meeting

Shirley outlined recent events, including a protest at Whitehall, communications with the press and with Lynne Featherstone.

She also mentioned the stocktake document, written by PA Consultancy (“Case for Change”) (dated 11th Aug). Ian to put a link to this document on the DWHC website.
Tony identified a report from the Primary Care Foundation, named Primary Care & Emergency Departments, which totally undermined the PCT’s earlier contention that the majority of the Whittington’s A&E patients could be treated by polyclinics or GPs, and that the Royal Free could cope with the remainder. This report was dated March 2010

5. Public meeting, 16th September

There was confusion about the date, because an earlier e-mail had stated 15th Sept. Shirley to send another email to all subscribers with correct date.
Leaflets to be distributed at Holloway Road (12 noon, Sat 11th Sept), outside the Whittington hospital (7am, Fri 10th Sep) and at the Haringey meeting (Tues 14th Sept).
Rich to contact the health unions, to publicise the meeting.
Shirley to send Press release, to promote this meeting in the local papers.
Ian to put the leaflet on the website.

6. Affiliation Costs

There was a discussion on affiliation costs for political parties, trade unions and individuals.

7. New Petition

There was a discussion on the wording of the new petition. In particular the provision for trauma departments

8. The White Paper

Robert said a few words about the White Paper, and warned that it could lead to chaos and destruction of the comprehensive NHS as we know it. Whichever way it is presented, it amounts to a privatisation agenda, and it aims to break up the NHS in a way that even Margaret Thatcher was scared to do.

9. Harmoni versus Camidoc

There was a discussion on the way that Harmoni had been awarded a short-term contract and the way that Camidoc had been unfairly financially squeezed in recent years. The money Harmoni have been awarded as set up costs, extra to the contract costs, could have been used towards keeping CAMIDOC running. Harmoni now have a foot in the door of the privatisation of the NHS.
Robert pointed out that 70% of local urgent primary care time is now privatised. (This is in terms of elapsed time, not effort)

10. Future events

  • Mon 20th September. Next DWHC meeting, Whittington Community Centre.
  • Tue 21st September. Link Event. meeting, 5:45pm
  • Wed 22nd September. IHOOPS planning meeting
  • Sun 3rd October. Protest at Tory Party Conference (organised by Right to Work campaign)
  • Tue 5th October. IHOOPS Public meeting
  • Tue 12th October. Scrutiny Committee meeting
  • Wed 20th October. National Day of Action (TUC) to coincide with Spending review.
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