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Camden New Journal, 07-Feb-2013:
‘Huge demo’ promised over hospital sell-off as author urges campaigners to link up nationwide

Camden New Journal, 07-Feb-2013: NEW JOURNAL COMMENT: As the Coalition continue to pull the levers, the battle is on to save our ailing NHS from the vultures

Camden New Journal, 07-Feb-2013:
HOSPITAL SELL-OFF: Whittington bosses fear ‘consequences’ if plans are defeated by people power campaign

Camden New Journal, 07-Feb-2013:
HOSPITAL SELL OFF: Consultants working for former car parts company used stopwatches to time staff

Islington Tribune, 1-Feb-2013.
HOSPITAL SELL OFF: Fury of Famous Five MPs kept in the dark over decision to dismantle Whittington Hospital

Islington Tribune, 25-Jan-2013: Catherine West demands urgent meeting with Whittington Hospital bosses, following part sell-off shock

Camden New Journal, 24-Jan-2013: It is all very sneaky and very depressing. We don’t feel like coming in. NHS staff shock as half of Whittington Hospital to be sold off

Islington Tribune, 22-Jun-2012: Whittington Hospital staff braced for job losses

Camden New Journal, 26-Apr-2012: Letter – Fight the hospital cuts

Camden New Journal, 12-Apr-2012: Ward closures and staff morale at ‘rock bottom’, say Whittington Hospital staff as Unipart ideas are blamed for crisis

Camden New Journal, 12-Apr-2012: Comment – Patients Overlooked as all eyes are on bottom line

Islington Tribune, 02-Dec-2011: Hospital’s atrium will cast a long repayments shadow

Islington Tribune, 25-Nov-2011: Hospital set-up must change or we will be vulnerable to a takeover

Islington Tribune, 18-Nov-2011: Hospital at risk of privatisation under this new set-up

Islington Tribune, 20-May-2011: Thousands of marchers, including health workers, take to streets to fight reforms to NHS

Islington Gazette, 21-Feb-2011: Whittington Hospital gets new boss

Islington Tribune, 18-Feb-2011: Finsbury Health Centre patients urged to rally to defence of historic building in face of plans to move departments

Islington Tribune, 18-Feb-2011: Whittington Hospital boss, Rob Larkman, quits – destination unknown

Islington Tribune, 18-Feb-2011: Hospital beds crisis

Islington Gazette, 16-Feb-2011: Mental health chiefs hit back at ‘worst treatment’ claims

Islington Tribune, 11-Feb-2011: IHOOPS marchers urge council to resist budget cuts – axe hangs over lifeline services

Islington Tribune, 11-Feb-2011: ‘Devastating’ cuts in hospital jobs spark emergency protest – Barts and London Hospital set for rally

Islington Gazette, 07-Feb-2011: Massive nursing job losses will devastate Barts Hospital, say campaigners

Islington Gazette, 02-Feb-2011: New emergency unit to open at Whittington

Islington Tribune, 28-Jan-2011: Has Lord Kinnock broken Labour party ranks?

Islington Tribune, 28-Jan-2011: MP Emily Thornberry donates new birthing couch to Whittington Hospital

Islington Tribune, 14-Jan-2011: Camden and Islington’s mental health patients to be cared for in ‘virtual hospital’

Islington Tribune, 07-Jan-2011: NHS boss Rachel Tyndall at centre of Whittington row quits post

Islington Tribune, 07-Jan-2011: Babies born on 1.1.11 at Whittington Hospital

Islington Tribune, 29-Dec-2010: Salute to heroes – NHS stars win awards – Accolade for “quiet achievers” who work at the frontline or behind the scenes.

Islington Tribune, 17-Dec-2010: National poll of medics: reforms will destroy NHS

Islington Tribune, 17-Dec-2010: The NHS may be under threat but Whittington Hospital’s future is safe

Islington Tribune, 17-Dec-2010: Islington’s care-in-the-community social workers face axe and a trebled workload

Islington Gazette, 02-Dec-2010: Whittington Hospital is ‘safe’, says top boss

Camden New Journal, 18-Nov-2010: Occupy wards threatened with closure, say OAP leaders

Islington Gazette, 18-Nov-2010: Life expectancy of Islington men is lowest in London

Islington Tribune, 29-Oct-2010: Battle for Finsbury Health Centre goes to court

Islington Tribune, 29-Oct-2010: A great campaign, but our hospital battle must go on

Islington Tribune, 22-Oct-2010: Shame of empty beds

Islington Tribune, 15-Oct-2010: Emily Thornberry set to shadow every Coalition move on health

Haringey Independent, 11-Oct-2010: Haringey marks World Mental Health Day with campaign

Islington Tribune, 08-Oct-2010: Face prison rather than make cuts

Islington Gazette, 07-Oct-2010: Campaigners bid to save Finsbury health centre

Evening Standard, 04-Oct-2010: Thousands of managers face axe as NHS London fast-tracks £50m cuts

Islington Tribune, 01-Oct-2010: Health News – Two mental health hospitals to be axed?

Islington Gazette, 30-Sep-2010: Islington mental health hospitals face closure

Haringey Independent, 28-Sep-2010:
Whittington campaigners condemn NHS white paper reforms

Islington Tribune, 24-Sep-2010: NHS must be national

Camden New Journal, 23-Sep-2010: Whittington Hospital’s A&E meeting health scare

Islington Tribune, 17-Sep-2010: Andrew Lansley pledge on decision to drop Camidoc

Haringey Independent, 17-Sep-2010: Call to be ‘watchful’ over future plans for Whittington Hospital

Islington Gazette, 16-Sep-2010: Whittington future is safe for now, says health boss

Haringey Independent, 10-Sep-2010: Campaigners fear Whittington Hospital still at risk of losing services

Islington Gazette, 2-Sep-2010: Hospital not safe (Shirley Franklin’s reply to Terry Stacy)

Islington Tribune, 27-Aug-2010: Hospital again under threat as chiefs begin ‘stocktaking’ (Shirley Franklin’s reply to Terry Stacy)

Islington Gazette, 26-Aug-2010: We’ll fight for hospital (Letter fom Terry Stacy)

Islington Tribune, 20-Aug-2010: Protest put on hold (Letter fom Terry Stacy)

Haringey Independent, 25-Aug-2010: Accommodation for doctors and nurses at St Ann’s Hospital is ‘low priority’, says Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust boss

Islington Gazette, 19-Aug-2010: Whittington Hospital evacuated due to huge dust cloud

Islington Gazette, 19-Aug-2010: Letter about Camidoc

Islington Gazette, 12-Aug-2010: Don’t hand all power over to GPs

Islington Gazette, 12-Aug-2010: Out-of-hours GP service to be privatised

Islington Tribune, 6-Aug-2010: ‘No guarantees’ for GPs and NHS staff

Islington Tribune, 6-Aug-2010: Letters about Finsbury Health Centre & Govt White Paper

Islington Tribune, 6-Aug-2010: 25,000 sign up to save Whittington Hospital

Islington Gazette, 5-Aug-2010: Battle to save Whittington back on

Hornsey Journal, 4-Aug-2010: Whittington A&E may still be axed

Islington Tribune, 30-Jul-2010: 25000-fight-whittington-hospital

Enfield Independent, 30-Jul-2010: Chase Farm protestors slam ‘broken promises’ from Tories

Ham & High, 29-Jul-2010: Whittington A&E facing the axe again?

Islington Gazette, 29-Jul-2010: Whittington Hospital faces new threat from health bosses

Camden New Journal, 22-Jul-2010: Protest warning as Whittington hospital cuts fears linger


Hornsey Journal, 03-Apr-2010: Whittington Hospital: tough choices to be made, says health boss

Islington Tribune, 02-Apr-2010: Woman who has Whittington A&E fate in her hands

Haringey Independent, 29-Mar-2010: Senior doctors oppose Whittington Hospital A&E closure

Ham & High, 18-Mar-2010: Statement confirms every Whittington doctor opposed to A&E closure

Camden New Journal, 18-Mar-2010: Health Minister finds it “difficult to accept” need to close Whittington A&E

Hornsey Journal, 17-Mar-2010: Minister ‘not convinced’ by hospital A&E closure plan

Haringey Independent, 17-Mar-2010: Hornsey and Wood Green MP grills Labour health minister over Whittington Hospital proposals

Haringey Independent, 9-Mar-2010: Whittington A&E closure would save millions for NHS

Islington Gazette, 01-Mar-2010: Thousands of people march to save The Whittington Hospital A&E

Ham & High, 01-Mar-2010: March to save Whittington A&E draws 5,000 protesters

Camden New Journal, 27-Feb-2010: Thousands march for the Whittington Hospital

Camden New Journal, 11-Feb-2010: Stars Fight for Future of Hospital

Islington Gazette, 11-Feb-2010: £560m black hole threatens future of Whittington A&E

BBC London News, 10-Feb-2010: One third of A&E units in London ‘could close’

Camden New Journal, 04-Feb-2010: ‘If we make voices heard, we can save our Whittington Hospital’

Tottenham & Wood Green Advertiser, 27-Jan-2010: Cost cutting health plan’s author faces torrent of abuse

Islington Gazette, 27-Jan-2010: Hospital campaigners on march to save A&E

Islington Gazette, 27-Jan-2010: ?????? Hospital campaigners on march to save A&E

Islington Gazette, 27-Jan-2010: ?????? Hospital campaigners on march to save A&E

Hampstead & Highgate Express 21-Jan-2010: Fight to save Whittington A&E steps up

Islington Gazette, 20-Jan-2010: Actor Rupert backs Whittington fight after rush to A&E with son.

Haringey Independent, 20-Jan-2010: Whittington hospital A&E closure fears prompt protest

Hampstead & Highgate Express, 17-Dec-2009: Campaign Launched to Fight A&E Closure

Haringey Independent, 10-Dec-2009: Fight to save Whittington A&E rolls on

Haringey Independent, 24-Nov-2009: Patients sign up for ‘tooth and nail’ fight to save Whittington A&E

Islington Tribune (undated): Save Our Hospital

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